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Creating A Brand Strategy In A Social World

Creating A Brand Strategy In A Social World

Underlying any effective marketing campaign is a well thought out brand strategy. A brand strategy summarizes the entire experience your customers have with your business. It includes everything from customer orders, fulfillment, how refund requests are handled, and the brand’s design and logos. If you don’t select the right marketing partner your efforts might simply focus on logo, design and other so called “branding” techniques. As a result, these marketing efforts would neglect the bigger picture: the customer experience. Simply changing your company’s colors, logo and advertising is not enough to create an effective brand and achieve your business goals.

Developing A Brand Strategy

Developing an effective brand strategy requires careful thought and reflection about your company and your goals. For example, does your company aspire to join the Fortune 500? Or would you prefer to remain a small to medium sized business that maintains close contact with your customers and clients? At a more strategic level, what do you want your customers to think when they see your company’s brand name or logo? If one of your clients or customers were referring your company to a potential prospect, what would they say? A comprehensive brand strategy helps you to think through all of these questions. Once you have a clear sense of your company’s brand and goals, it is time to research what people are actually saying about your company.

What Are People Saying About Your Brand?

With the assistance of a marketing agency, your company can easily monitor what is said about your brand in a variety of publications and websites. Unfortunately, many companies fail to engage in this process resulting in missed opportunities. Approximately 95% of Facebook Wall posts are ignored by brands. This lack of engagement with one of the Internet’s most important websites represents an opportunity for your company. If your brand strategy emphasizes customer service, you can make a significant impact by responding to Facebook comments and posts about your brand. By monitoring what your customers say about your brand on social media and elsewhere on the Internet, you can determine if the public’s perception of your brand matches your brand strategy.

Executing Your Social Brand Strategy

Now that we’ve have created your brand strategy and you understand what the public is actually saying about you company, you can execute your brand strategy. If the gap between your stated brand strategy and public perception is large, then you will have a great deal of work to do. In such cases, DIY marketing is unlikely to be up to the task.
Look to Beyond Big Marketing to recommend the best way to influence public perception of your brand. For example, if there is currently no comment about your brand on social media, then you have the opportunity to start the conversation yourself. If you make the most of this opportunity, your brand will attract new customers. It’s easy to get carried away with social media, We’ll leverage your overall brand strategy and goals when we engage your brand with these platforms.

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